out of the barriers. Of course, Richard would not blindly praise the Titans because of the brilliance they once possessed. That is a foolish act. But it wouldn’t be because they are now demonized, so that they are degraded to nothing, that is also a foolish act. Objectively speaking, the Titan, as a top magic creature, is absolutely adequate. When faced with urgent war needs, the wisdom and resources they possess are enough to support several technological explorations. Coupled with the iron giant as a reference object, it is weird that no breakthrough can be made under such extravagant conditions. Before Richard could speak, Chief Setos went on to say: If you want, I can give it to you now, but you have to promise me one condition. Lord Lord looked at his face, only one emotion could be captured, that was unparalleled sincerity. So he also got serious and asked in a deep voice: What conditions? Remember I once told you that there were a group of silver giants following the lonely George and staying in the other world? Seeing Richard nodding, Chief Saitos continued to say that those silver giants may indeed have disappeared, but I still hope you can help me inquire about them, even if they are extinct. There seemed to be some glittering things in Chief Saitos’s eyes. They might be the last remaining high-ranking giants besides us. That is the only brother we may exist, and the only friend who can understand the rise and fall of our iron giant. This unexpected condition kept Richard silent for a long time. Aren’t you afraid of disappointment? I’m afraid, but I’m even more afraid of loneliness. It’s been too long for ten thousand years, Chief Saitos is already crying. The tears of the iron giant made Richard’s heart heavy. If he understands it carefully, he can actually understand a little bit about Chief Saitos’s mood-he was originally a high-ranking noble with a respected position, and his days were easy and relaxed. It’s just that the environment has changed abruptly ten thousand years ago. In order