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wn, and the same is true for resistance to institutional changes, because they do not know what impact the change will bring to themselves. Roland asked Soroya to portray the life in the small town of Tigu Pine in the form of comics, as an example of his own propaganda, just to reduce the resistance and fear of the nobles. Compared with those boring biographies, the expressiveness of comics is obviously more vivid and vivid. You should all know the news that I am about to build a city in the West. In fact, I have been planning this plan for a long time. At that time, the Changge Fortress of Border Town and the long and narrow land between the two places will become a whole. Roland continued, some people might ask how the two towns are so far apart, how can they be connected as one. First of all, the overall meaning refers to the administrative aspect, that is, the new city will implement the same law and the same policy. This is also the reason why I want to withdraw the nobility’s right to enfeoffment and rule of law. Your Highness, someone in our territory asked. It still belongs to you, he interrupted. I said that taking back these powers does not mean that you will lose any enfeoffment. The essence is to hand over your territory to others to form your own subordinate aristocracy and strengthen your own power in this way. , Together to resist the enemy, or work together to grab benefits. Under the new system, the task of resisting foreign enemies will be completed by a professional army. As long as you act in accordance with the rules, you will earn far more benefits than before. After all, it is better to make the cake bigger than to divide the cake. Seeing that everyone was silent, Roland took a sip of tea. You have never been to Border Town, so it’s normal not to know how big the cake can be. In fact, the town’s financial income in the second half of the year reached as much as 30,000 golden dragons. It’s not that the Moon of the Evil is coming early, this number is likely to increase by about 10,000. The

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