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ind and hear the voice of Wei De deliberately lowering it. He was also infected by this silent team. Otherwise, why should I apply for the captain position, Kakusim took a deep breath. But they are going to war. They are all working for His Highness, the old man said without looking back, and so did I. The voice behind was silent for a moment, but don’t die outside. He didn’t answer again, but waved his hand. Under the snow, Kakusim boarded the sixth paddle steamer. According to tradition, the captain could name his ship. Although this weird ship belonged to His Royal Highness, he was still told that he had this power. It’s just that the old man has not made up his mind. This is after he bid farewell to sailing for more than ten years and once again served as captain. He hoped that he could come up with a memorial name. Boss, you came and walked into the cabin at the bow of the ship, and your deputy immediately greeted you. Now the boiler is warming up, I promise it will turn up soon. This young man is called Barracuda, from the south, and has been fishing for several years. If in other fleets, he might not even be a sailor, but here is not bad, everyone is a novice. Are all the crew members here? Already there, you are the last The other party winked his eyes. If you don’t know how to respect a captain, I will be happy to let you wipe the deck all day long. No, respectable Mr. Captain, the young man stood up straight, of course I understand that it is plausible. Kakusim touched his beard and said, telling the boiler room to let them burn the fire a little bit more, but don’t let the damn steam The valve is closed, I don’t want to hit the bottom of the ship ahead, I know. There was no end to a word, and the Barracuda was revealed again. He blinked at the old man, then flew out of the cockpit. This bastard, Kakusim smiled and shook his head. The serious atmosphere brought by the First Army has been diluted a lot, and he seems to have returned to the days of galloping at sea. Walking to the steering wheel, the old

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