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the tune. Sand people like the iron axe can naturally resonate strongly with the music full of extreme southern customs. However, what kind of deepest this impact can be achieved? Roland is temporarily unable to pass the test to know whether everything in the illusion will become a real manifestation if the feeler is fully involved. However, the new ability of echo still makes him full of expectations such as inspiration. Soldiers calm the masses and cooperate with future drama performances to stimulate the audience . The next afternoon, Roland summoned Vader from Border Town in the study. Your Highness, I, I came, his teeth trembled, apparently he hadn’t recovered from the high-speed flight. Now, if you want to quickly travel between the two places, the only way of transportation is Maisie Express. Of course, even if it is wrapped in a thick blanket and flying at a speed of 60 kilometers per hour under the claws of a giant beast, it is still not considered. A comfortable experience. Well done, Roland patted the fat pigeon on the shoulder. Gu the latter raised his head triumphantly. I asked you to come here because I want you to help the nobles of the Elk family train a team. He looks at Vader. The situation here is different from Border Town. There are rats, refugees, and vicious criminals, but he is with Jinsui City. There are several similarities. Vader baked by the fireplace for a while, and finally stopped shaking, you mean let me form a patrol team, it’s the police. Roland recounted the plan for the crackdown. The first half will be led by the First Army, but in the end the security of the fortress will still have to be maintained by the police. As a policeman, the most important thing is the concept of being a protector of the people. Treat the people like a spring breeze and treat criminals as ruthlessly like thunder. Vader couldn’t help repeating. That’s right, the prince smiled, hoping you can teach them well. To be continued. Text Chapter 459 Snake Tooth (Part 1) As long as the evil moon is not over,

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