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art. Any open and honest battle is worthy of praise. On the contrary, Jacques’s approach is completely without honor at all. It is meaningless except to deepen mutual hatred. And for the sake of Aurelion and the other innocent members of the family, he must also accept it, no more With the shelter of the elk, they may no longer be able to live a stable life. When the oath is over, the prince smiled and nodded. You can live with your sister in the castle these few days, and Peiro will arrange a room for you. Now there are slip-through fish from other families in the outskirts, and it will not be too late for you to return to the territory after this rebellion has completely subsided. Yes, Your Highness. After Ren left the study, Peiro also walked out. Looking at this friend who had lost a lot of weight, he had mixed feelings for a while. I’m sorry that it was not your fault. Peiro patted him on the shoulder, don’t worry about it. For some reason, he felt that he and the other party had moved a little apart. In Peiro’s eyes, there was a look that he had never seen before, like steel that had been beaten repeatedly in the fire, reflecting a vague look. Hard and steady. He is becoming a true leader, Rehn realized. To be continued. Text Chapter 452 The unifying rebellious nobles were vulnerable to the offensive of the First Army. The only few frontal firefights were to determine the winner after a round of salvos. There was no need to replace the bullet nests. The opponents had already collapsed across the board and dropped ten. Several corpses ran away. More often in novels, it is only the unilateral pursuit and hunt of the First Army. With the speed of clearing a piece of territory every day, Iron Axe successively captured the residences of the Elk Runwolf and the Wild Rose family, but when the troops advanced to Maple Leaf Territory, the offensive momentum slowed down. They encountered unexpected troubles. Damn, this is no different from a fortress. Brian looked at the earl’s mansion in front of him and spit in ann

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