at the door, what’s his name

ome to all parts of the West. Refugees still have a deep misunderstanding of witches. Then please sir. The woman bowed again, patted her daughter’s head, and acted well and don’t let her Highness down. Mom, I want to say something, Axia, but the other party has already turned around and walked towards the departure ramp. To be continued. Chapter 466 of the main text reproduces Axia, right? Don’t worry, Wendy stepped forward and took her hand. The Witch League is not what your family thought, and you don’t have to stay in the castle. Is the novel true, she asked in a low voice. Of course it is true, Wendy said with a smile. We live in the castle because there is no other place to go. Before His Highness did not take us in, all the witches lived a life of vagrants. The family was either fragmented or treated the sisters as strangers. People, so you still have a family of your own, you are already lucky enough. She paused, let’s go, it’s windy here. Well, the girl lowered her head and obediently followed her into the castle. This is the newly awakened witch scroll already waiting at the door, what’s his name Axia. Wendy looked at the guard. Can you help me inform Ms. Agatha and let her go back to the castle? Just say that a new witch has appeared in the town. She should be in the chemistry laboratory by the river now. I am happy to serve you, and the guards turned around after saluting. Indeed, if Nightingale and Sylvie are not there, only Agatha can tell the type and size of magic power. The scroll nodded. She still doesn’t know what her abilities are. Wendy touched her head, how old are you this year. Eighteen years old. She probably got nervous again when she saw a few strangers in front of her. Eighteen-year-old Speer was surprised, isn’t that an adult? When did you find yourself awakening as a witch scroll asked, tell us the process in detail. Just three days ago, on the night of adulthood, Axia replied in a soft voice that my brother caught a fish from the river and wanted to feed me, but was snatched by the

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