ally no rats in the town?” “If

ted, the army will start from the West City Gate and eliminate the rat gangs in each area in turn.” Tiefu said solemnly, “This attack is only aimed at The organizer, strive to disintegrate the black street in the shortest possible time.” “But will this really work?” Seeing the opponent walk towards the entrance of the hall, Ren couldn’t help but ask, “There has never been a city that can eliminate mice. If there are people, they won’t cut off.” Tie Axe turned his head and glanced at him, “Is that right, there are no mice in Border Town.” After everyone left, only Vader stayed. “Master Earl, has anyone applied for the police position to the City Hall?” “Not yet, but I heard from Pei Luo that dozens of people have signed up for the Second Army.” Ren helped the square table to sit slowly. Next, the words of Iron Axe still echoed in his mind. After a while, he whispered, “Is there really no rats in the town?” “If you say that there are no black street organizations in the usual sense,” Vader shrugged, “There is no shortage of food, no need to worry about housing. Both men and women can find a suitable job. Even if it is a handyman, the salary is enough to fill your stomach. To be honest, before I went to Border Town, I would not believe that there is such a place in Greycastle Kingdom.” “Why? “Ryan couldn’t help asking. “I don’t know, my lord,” Vader said, “His Royal Highness is far from any nobleman I have ever done.” “You don’t have to call me your lord,” he waved his hand. “Your Highness, let us work together to deal with this. Anyway, you can put the title aside in private.” The other party nodded and did not refuse. Such a straightforward character made Renn quite admired, “Do you think His Royal Highness can really eradicate all the rats in the fortress and turn the entire Western Territory into an innocent place?” “I’m not sure.” Wade’s answer made him. I was a little surprised, “After all, I used to be a patrol captain, and I have been dealing with rats for several years. Their existence is like a shadow unde

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