sea of ??blood and corpse mountains in front of the slaughterhouse is like a basin of ice water pouring on their heads. Even the indigenous people who disregard life most feel uncontrollable with fear. This fear has nothing to do with courage, it is purely an instinct hidden deep in the consciousness of all intelligent life. The centaur and the barbarians’ eyes were as sharp as a knife, making them feel as if they were walking naked in the snow and ice. But none of the bloody knights who usually domineering and domineering warriors dared to look directly at him, as if they would burn their eyes with just one glance. The robbers really wanted to run, their courage had long since dissipated with the lives of their dead companions, but everyone stood firm and didn’t move. After the blessing of bloodthirsty thaumaturgy, there are significant side effects. Now everyone is in a state of extreme exhaustion and power loss, and can’t run even if they want to. They cursed the damn shaman with the most vicious words in their hearts. Alpine Fort doesn’t seem to worry about not having enough slaves. Richard’s whole figure seemed to have just returned from a swim in the river of blood, and every step he took would leave a damp bright red footprint behind him. He bent over and picked up the piece of leather torn by the previous kobold shaman, and looked at it carefully. The black leather is very uniform and delicate, with a lot of weird symbols painted on it with an off-white paint, which looks a little mysterious at first glance. If I close my eyes and feel it with my heart, it seems that there are not weak elemental fluctuations. what is this? He pinched the leather and shook it. The old kobold pursed his mouth and refused to speak, trying to maintain his dignity as an element user, but the trembling of his calves betrayed him. Hutt, give this stuff some tricks. Li Cha didn’t bother to talk nonsense with a captive, and directly handed him over to the most honest-looking centaur. Okay, my lord. With a simple smile