f the car. Xu Xian didn’t turn her hair and looked back. He couldn’t see Han Guo’s expression at night. Only saw him bow his head and light a cigarette. Xu Xian walked slowly to the door, which was locked. “Have you taken the keys?” Xu Xian turned to ask Han Guo with his back. After a meal, Han took a cigarette in his right hand and took out a pocket with his left hand. He took out a bunch of keys and threw it over. Xu Xian took hey and turned to open the door. Pushing away with a crash, Xu Xian leaned carefully and walked inside. “What about you on the expedition?” Han Guo pushed her step by step, Xu Xian jumped back behind Han Guo in shock, Han Guo ignored it. Walk forward slowly. Before the code…the finger stopped there. “Didi, Dididi, Di…ka.” Han Guo grinned in astonishment and looked at Xu Xian, who was bent over and opened the door by the code. “Ani…do you actually know it is 941024?” Han Guo frowned and asked with a smile. Xu Xian walks with a smile Entering, turning around and supporting the doo

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